Since opening in 2011, Yi-Sushi has been instrumental in introducing an authentic Japanese dining experience to the El Cajon area.

Bet you thought we only served raw fish?  Not at Yi Sushi.  Whether you’re a true lover of sushi, or just a novice, Yi Sushi has what you’re looking for. In addition to what we feature on our regular lunch and dinner menus, we always have daily and weekly specials from both our kitchen and our adventurous sushi chefs. Come in and enjoy a variety of noodle soups, teriyakis, yakitori, hibachi, and of course the freshest sushi, sashimi available, and add a dessert for a refreshing ending to your meal.  So whether you love meat, fish or vegetables don’t panic, we cater to your liking.

Whatever, the patrons’ needs, we believe Yi Sushi is the one place where everyone can feel comfortable in any size group sharing themselves, sharing a drink, and sharing good food.